ATL Showdown: The Race to Become Atlanta's Next Mayor
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Register to Vote


Voting In Atlanta

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Register to Vote

You drank the Kool Aid, and are ready to make your voice heard. This is how you register to vote. To register online to vote in Georgia, you need an valid driver's license or an identification card issued by GA Department of Driver Services. Follow this link to register online.

Atlanta Mayoral Election

Dates to RemeMber

October 10th - Last day for voter registration
October 16th - Early voting begins
November 7th - Election day
December 5th - Runoff, if necessary

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Where Do I Go?

I'm registered and I know which day I need to show up on, but where do I go and when? Use this link to find the polling place nearest to you and it's hours. Use your name, date of birth, and county to find your registration and your polling location.